A Week at the Beach, Part 2 of 4

Yesterday, we visited the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher. It's not huge and doesn't have a big feature exhibit like a beluga whale, but it's a special place for me because this is where I visited the fishies when I was a child. I clearly remember many visits to this aquarium (especially the trips to the arcade and doughnut shop at Carolina Beach while we were in the area. :)
We took a ferry ride over to see the aquarium and Ellington absolutely loved every bit of that short boat ride. She had seen many boats in the ocean on Sunday and Monday at the beach and was very eager to ride on a boat. 

Now on to the photos from our aquarium visit. Ellington was not so eager to get her picture taken while we were at the museum, so you'll see lots of Elli blurs and me trying to hold her down to get one good picture of all of us. . . it didn't work out too well. The museum tired her out and both girls slept the entire way home. :)
Thankfully, Ellington was gracious enough to let us take one family picture last night. :)