A Quick Trip to Charlotte for a Spring Carnival

My mom just happens to be the director of one amazingly fun preschool in Charlotte. Every year they have a carnival for all of the kiddos + a silent auction for the adults and we just knew that Ellington would love it this year.
Way back in 2011 we took Ellington to the yearly carnival, but she was just a baby and we mainly just talked about how much fun she would have when she was actually able to do all of the fun things. Well, this was her year!  There were lots of things that she passed on this year - like the pony rides / meeting the characters - but she had a blast doing everything else!
The swings were fun at first, but she ended the ride not quite in love with them. I was a little hesitant to let her ride them because of a not so great experience on a carousel a while back. Fortunately, there were no tears; however, I don't think she'll beg to go on another swing ride anytime soon.
By far, her favorite thing was the giant slide!  I had to climb up and drag her off of it + bribe her with treats to get her to move on to the next thing and give other kids a chance to slide.
We also had to ride the train a few times before we left. If you live in Charlotte, keep a lookout around this time next year for this fantastic carnival!  The kids will love all of the rides & games and you can bid on some things at the silent auction.

Also, check out this awesome mommy blog all about mommyhood and Charlotte happenings if you are trying to find something fun to do in the Charlotte area with the kiddos.