Hippity Hoppity Easter!

Hope everyone had a fun and family-filled Easter celebration!  We traveled to Charlotte once again to visit family. It was Winsley's first trip to Charlotte and our first trip with 2 kids. It's funny how two little tiny humans require so much stuff. Hopefully, the car will become less crowded as they grow older. 
Thanks to lots of hand-me-downs and some very generous gift givers, we are overrun with toys in this house and a no-napping toddler certainly does not need any candy to help her get through the day.  So, I have made the executive decision to fill our Easter baskets with things we already have around the house this year.  John was a little disappointed that he couldn't steal candy out of the girl's baskets, but he will have plenty of chances to do that in the coming years. Winsley's basket (on the right) just had some stuffed animals and a book. It was more of a see-we-got-you-SOMETHING kind of thing since she wouldn't be opening anything and certainly wouldn't remember anything from her first Easter. Ellington's basket had some of her favorite things: Play-Doh, Chalk, ChapStick, Bubbles, and a few other extras that my mom had around her house.
Ellington immediately wanted to go outside and 'write' with her chalk but she also insisted on keeping her egg shaped 'lip stuff' close by. This led to her trying to use the egg shaped chalk as chap stick by accident. After plenty of chalk writing and bubble blowing, it was time for the Easter egg hunt!
She loved filling her basket up with eggs. I see lots of competitive Easter egg hunts in our future as Winsley joins in on the fun. You may notice in some of the pictures that her basket says "Quinn". That's because it is really my Easter basket handmade by my very crafty momma. She plans on making Ellington and Winsley baskets of their own, but didn't have the supplies or the time this year to make it happen.
And what did we put in the eggs?  Not Candy!  Ellington didn't question us at all when we told her to find plastic eggs and put them in her basket, but she did become very curious about what was in these mysterious eggs about half way through the hunt.
MONEY!  The eggs were filled with coins for her piggie bank. Currently, Ellington is a bit obsessed with money. She constantly asks 'where my money go?' meaning she wants her piggie bank or she wants to find her faux credit card and pretend to go buy a Coke. No, I don't let her drink soda... This must mean that I need to go to Diet Coke rehab. Hey, at least she doesn't pretend to buy Pepsi. That would be a sin in our house and would certainly require a timeout!  :)
While Ellington was busy with gifts and playing with CiCi's dog (Birdie), Winsley met Boss (or Aunt Malone) for the first time. Winsley slept or ate most of the time, so quality time with other family members was limited this visit. Maybe next time she will be a little less attached to me and more willing to let others hold her for more than 5 minutes.
We also took a little time to introduce Winsley to her great-grandmother.  This was one of many more visits to come. :)

Happy Easter!!