Baby Faces

When children are just newborns it's easy to lose an hour or two just studying their faces. Those cute little chubby cheeks and the twinkle in theirs eyes that just begs you to question what they're thinking. Inevitably you end up in a one sided conversation with this tiny human who doesn't have a clue what you're saying nor will she remember these precious hours spent studying her miniature features. Features that remind you so much of yourself and your family. Like a prominent nose inherited from a beloved grandfather or those beautiful almond shaped eyes that remind you so much of her Daddy. 
With Ellington, it was easy to figure out the origins of her features. When she first arrived, I immediately thought I had given birth to a carbon copy of my husband. Feeling a little disappointed that I could not see myself in this little miracle, I mourned a little at that moment. Thankfully, that didn't last long. A day later, I could clearly see my family represented in her baby face. In fact, I still think she looks just like my older sister. As Ellington grew into this wonderful little lady, it became clear that she inherited features from her mommy and her daddy. 
She has her Daddy's eyes, of course, but they are slightly wider and with a crease on her tiny eyelid - a feature inherited from me. Her pouty lips are taken straight from the pictures of my childhood face. Her round face shape with it's chubby cheeks is a nice blend of her daddy and my older sister. That cute little nose is still developing, so it's origin is still a mystery. Even now, when I get that rare moment to cuddle with my unstoppable little monkey, I take a second to study her sweet face and make a mental note of it's changing features. 
It was during one of these study sessions that I became aware that I hadn't a clue where Winsley got her nose / face shape / eyes / lips. This little baby face staring back at me definitely looked like she was a member of our family, but I was having the hardest time guessing the origin of her features. I wrote it off as nothing and continued to study her baby face, assuming her features were simply a well blended mixture of John's family and my family. After mentioning this observation to my mom, she sent me an email with a few photos attached. 
Clearly, Winsley takes after her momma. I know her little baby face will all too quickly grow into a constantly moving toddler face, so I'll cherish these moments of not knowing and look forward to the day when I can pick out exactly where she got that adorable little chinny chin chin. 
I'll leave you with this… I think both girls also got their chubby baby rolls from their momma. Aren't fat babies just the best!