Winsley's (Late) Arrival

The newest addition to our family joined us just one week ago.  She was born one week and 3 days past her due date and I never actually went into labor.  I was holding out hope that Winsley would decide to enter this world on her own and I got really excited when I started to have contractions on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, we showed up to the hospital for my scheduled c-section on Wednesday morning and my now painful contractions were doing nothing to make this birth happen.  Rather than go through labor pains and tiring myself out (possibly resulting in another c-section anyway), I made the decision to go through with the c-section.

My only concern going into surgery (other than a little fear of the needle they were putting into my back) was a big fear of the recovery!  With Ellington, recovery was awful.  I was in pain for weeks and it didn't help that nursing was horribly painful for the first 2 weeks.  Everyone that I had asked and all of the blogs that I had read said that recovery from a planned c-section was easy peasy.  And you know what?  They were 100% correct!

Recovery this go round was ten thousand times better than last time.  If it weren't for the powerful drugs that numbed my legs for half a day, I would have been walking around like nothing happened.  Seriously, my 2 birth experiences were like night and day.  Even now (one week postpartum), I have to keep reminding myself that venturing out or planning activities is not a good idea when I have to bring along a still-adjusting one week old.  Ellington was much older when I felt like I would be okay outside of the comfort of my own home.
Speaking of Ellington, she has made this transition to a family of four incredibly easy.  She visited me and the her new baby sister less than an hour after I was out of the operating room and acted as if she was never an only child.  I was never worried about Ellington and the new addition, but I am glad to see that Winsley has become such a joy in her little life.  She constantly asks, "Where baby go?" if Winsley is not in her sight and "What happened?" if Winsley makes the slightest little peep.  It's also adorable to see her try to comfort the baby if she's crying and I am not immediately available.  She'll run up to her and give her a big kiss then sing to her until I swoop in to soothe Winsley and, of course, thank a wonderful big sister for helping out.
While I was in the hospital, Ellington spent lots and LOTS of time with my mom.  I seriously don't know what we would have done without my mom's help.  It was such a relief to know that Ellington was getting tons of attention from Mommo while John and I were bonding with baby Winsley.  I highly recommend a week long visit from grandma when a second child enters the picture!  Thanks MOM!!