Goodies from Africa

It has been nearly 2 months since John came back from a month long trip to Africa.  To ease the guilt of leaving his very pregnant (at the time) wife with a sick toddler for an entire month in a house full of unopened moving boxes, John brought home lots of goodies!

I was pleasantly surprised by the things that he picked out.  In fact, there is one piece in particular that I am so in love with that I have redesigned my living room around it.  Well, I have dreamed up a new living room design anyway.  I just have to find and buy everything that I have planned out in my head. Back to the goodies:
1. Stone Giraffe Bookends.  Currently this little guy is living in Winsley's nursery.  He is the perfect little bookend for my collection of not-so-baby-friendly baby books (non-chewable) that are high up on her bookshelf.

2. Beaded Animals.  These two fellas are for the girls.  Ellington really wants both of them to be hers alone, but the lion is really hers and the zebra is for Winsley.

3. Elephant Bank.  This cute little elephant was brought back for Ellington and it is still a big hit.  When we first showed it to her and explained how you save your money inside the elephant's tummy, she ran around the house asking for more money to put inside.

4. Metal Name Sign.  I love the simplicity of this sign.  John also brought back smaller name signs for Winsley and Ellington with their names.

5. Wooden Tray.  This is the piece that I am most in love with!!!  I don't know why, but I just love everything about it.  In my head, it will eventually live on a square tufted English ottoman in the living room.  Unfortunately, I don't own a square tufted English ottoman nor do I know if there is actually one out there that matches the imaginary one in my dream room.

There were lots of other little treats that were brought back from Africa like teas, food, and jewelry too. Home decor items are really my favorite travel souvenirs.  It's always fun to tell people how these little trinkets came to live in your home and you always have a reminder of your trip... even if your husband got to go on the trip and you had to stay home with a sick kid.  :)