Did St. Patrick's Day already happen?

To quote my husband 'This was the lamest St. Patrick's day ever!'... and he was totally right.  While pregnant, I had already planned our day.  It was to include a green-themed breakfast and a trip to Raleigh to see the parade.  The weather was perfect for watching a parade too!  Unfortunately, taking a 1 week old out in a big crowd is not the best thing to do, so we stayed home instead.

I feel like this holiday snuck up on us a bit anyway as I jumped out of bed to try to find something green in my closet that fit me right now.  The girls and I wore green all day and that's about as festive as we got.  Since I have not been to the grocery store in weeks, there was nothing green on our breakfast plates and sleep deprivation meant that my mind couldn't even come up with a St. Patrick's day craft.

Oh well.  There's always next year! :)