Waiting On Baby

During this entire pregnancy, I have just had this feeling that Baby #2 was going to come early...

... It's now 2 days past my due date and no baby yet.  I guess I was wrong about the early arrival.  Ellington was 6 days early, so I guess I just assumed that this baby would be early as well.  I should have never assumed anything was similar to Ellington's birth as this pregnancy has been very different.

Let me start by saying that I love being pregnant and nothing has been difficult, just different.  I haven't had morning sickness or felt uncomfortable at all (unless you count heartburn).  The differences in this pregnancy and my first are more along the lines weight gain, baby movement, and cravings.  You know, things that are most likely to change with each pregnancy.

I am 10 pounds less than I was with Ellington at 39 weeks!  Yay!  I think this is majorly due to the fact that I am not craving greasy hamburgers or ice-cream like I did with Ellington.  This time around, I'm craving anything with avocado and turkey.  Oh, and I always have to have a cup of ice to crunch on nearby.   This little one also moves around all. the. time.  Ellington only kicked a few times at 4am every day.  I am hoping that this means baby #2 will be a good sleeper once she finally decides to arrive because Ellington loathes sleep.  That's logical, right?

Hopefully, I have learned my lesson and will stop comparing these two little ladies.  They are already so different and one of them isn't even here yet.

While we're waiting on Baby Yi #2, it's been really hard to plan things.  I really thought she would be here by now and I would be well on my way to recovery and adjusting to life with two little ones.  So, everything I thought would be happening this week, will be pushed back yet another week and we will just have to wait until this stubborn little lady decides to make her debut.