Valentine's Day & A Free Printable

Holidays like this one have always been a favorite of mine.  No, it's not because girls are usually the receivers of all of the gifts (although that doesn't hurt).  It's because you can get so creative with activities and food.  I love a good DIY project!  Our plans for tomorrow are in the works and I couldn't be more excited to start new Valentine's Day traditions with my little one.
If all goes as planned, our morning will start with heart-shaped pancakes (dyed pink) and strawberries along with pink milk.  Lunch will be a date with Daddy at a local cafe and dinner isn't quite planned out yet.  We also plan on making these awesome fruit snacks (strawberry, of course).  A little tip for the fruit snacks... Target has just-the-right-size trays for this project in their dollar section right now, so go pick up a few and make this yummy snack!  Any other food suggestions?  I promise this day isn't totally planned around food.  I am one very pregnant lady (11 days to go!), so food is often the first thing on my mind.
Later today, we are headed to our local dollar store to pick up a few crafts.  On the craft agenda for tomorrow include a heart garland (like this one), a homemade card for Daddy (here are some super cute ideas), some heart shaped hats (like this one), and lots of pink and red and purple - everywhere!
A Free Printable for You!  Just Copy & Paste or Print :)
In honor of this fun day, I've made up a little printable that you can copy and do with what you like... maybe turn it into a card or a little Valentine's Day decoration.  Happy Valentine's Day!

What are your plans?

UPDATE:  A no-napping two year old meant we didn't get a lot of things on our to-do list checked off, but we did have fun with the food portion of the day and we even attempted a little photoshoot with our new heart garland... with mixed results.  Hope your Valentine's Day was a success!