My Sweet 2 Year Old

At this very moment two years ago, I was hanging out in a hospital bed just waiting for the arrival of a certain little beauty.  I still remember the thrill of knowing that I was finally going to see the sweet little face that I was having a difficult time imagining and, at the same time, the fear of not knowing what would come next.  At several moments during this day, I remember turning to John and telling him that I wouldn't mind if Ellington wanted to wait another month or two until I thought I would be truly ready for her debut.  Thankfully, life (or I guess you could say, birth) doesn't work that way and she finally made her way into this world around dinner time on this day two years ago.
Life without this little one in our lives just wouldn't be as fun.  She makes us laugh daily and gives us plenty of reason to be thankful!  Words cannot describe how much she is loved by everyone in our family.  In recent weeks, she has also shown how kind her own heart is towards others...

...a few days ago, she was watching a show and became very upset that the cartoon dog on the show was taken away to the shelter.  She was very worried that the dog's neck was hurting and that the dog was not with his family.

...that same day (we are watching lots of shows while we attempt to potty train), she turned to warn me that Curious George was letting all of the sheep out of their fence.  I had to assure her that everything would be okay and George would make sure they were all safe again.

...then the sweetest moment happened when John was having some back trouble and told Ellington that he had to sleep on the floor because he had an 'ouchee' on his back.  Ellington started crying and ran over to hug him, repeatedly saying ' I love you! I love you!'  We had to have another little talk to try to explain to her that everything would be okay and Daddy just had a little boo-boo.
I love how her little personality is always surprising us.  I just can't get enough of this little girl!

Happy Happy Birthday, Ellington!!