Let's Start Unpacking... a Month Later

For those of you who were unaware, we moved into a new house and then John flew off to Africa a few days later.  This meant I had the task of unpacking our many many boxes and trying to keep my sanity while entertaining an almost 2-year old all by myself... for an entire month!

Well, he has now returned to the US and all of the boxes in the garage are still there, untouched.  I wish I could say that I was super woman while he was away and got my organizing butt in gear.  Unfortunately, Ellington and I were both sick and it took all of my energy just to do the laundry and take a shower after my no-napping toddler went to sleep.

Speaking of laundry, I managed to ruin a few things while John was away.  You see, John does all of the laundry in this household.  Laundry is simply one of those things that I always seem to mess up.  I know your thinking 'How can you screw up when the machine does all of the work?'.  Well, let me give you a little example:  At the beginning of the month, I washed my only pair of maternity jeans.  They came out very clean, but with a huge hole in the seat of the pants.  How does that even happen in a washing machine?!

Aside from having extra hands to wrangle a rowdy toddler and help with household chores, it was an eye-opener to see how much I missed just having another adult to talk to at night.  By the time John returned, I had become accustomed to referring to myself in third person.  I don't know how single moms keep their sanity while caring for toddlers 24/7.

So, if I have yet to return a phone call or an email from the last month, please forgive me and give me a little more time to recoup from the craziness of this last month.  I promise, I will be getting back to you soon.  Also, go hug a single mom and don't be surprised if it takes her a little while to get back to you! :)