Ellington's Birthday Weekend

Last weekend, my sisters and mom were supposed to come celebrate Ellington's 2nd birthday.  A train themed day at Pullen Park was planned and Ellington was super excited to ride on the train as many times as her little heart desired.  Unfortunately, my older sister couldn't make it at the last minute because a friend had a greater need for her presence.  No problem.  We'll just push it back a week (to this past weekend) or so I thought.

With 60 degree weather all week, it looked like the weekend would be just as pretty.  Nope.  64 degrees on Friday and then snow was the forecast for Saturday... ummm, what?!  Well, it did in fact snow on Saturday.  The plan to ride the train at the park was a goner, but we made a back-up plan to meet at Marbles Kids Museum and have some fun indoors.  Once we arrived at the museum, we realized that every other parent in the area had the same idea to entertain their kiddos on this yucky day.  An hour waiting in line meant only an hour of crowded playtime at the museum before heading to lunch, so this plan was also scrapped.
The celebration didn't quite turn out as planned, but I know Ellington still had lots of fun hanging out with her aunts and grandma.  Of course, the opening of gifts and cupcakes for breakfast didn't hurt.
She even got to see a real train because my older sister rode the train in from Charlotte.  So, I guess we sort of accomplished a train themed birthday weekend.  The good news is that I can save this party idea for next year!  I already have to start planning Ellington's sister's Dol (Korean 1st birthday), so a pre-planned and relatively easy park party will be the perfect birthday celebration for Ellington next year.  And the back up plan for next year?  A short ride on the real train and back to Durham for cake.