Santa Baby

Is it January already?  I feel like Christmas just flew by... I have found that visits and holidays always go by a lot quicker with little ones around.  We moved over the Christmas holiday, so our visit to Charlotte was cut short a little.  I almost didn't think we would have time to make it to see Santa this year, but we drove down the weekend before Christmas to see him.

**Sorry for lack of a Santa photo.  The scanner is on the third floor of our new house and my pregnant self just hasn't made it up there yet**

Santa was an hour late (he must've been busy making last minute toys for good little girls and boys), so we waited in line forever.  Entertainment included taking Ellington to her favorite store, Pottery Barn.  She would live in Pottery Barn if they would allow that sort of thing. Once we finally got to the front of the line, Ellington waved at Santa and shouted 'Hi. HI. Hi, Santa!' trying to get his attention.  Unfortunately, this enthusiasm did not last long.  As soon as we had our chance to meet the big man, Ellington froze up and wanted to move back behind the gate.  No crying was involved, but I did have to make a cameo in the Santa picture this year.
Our trip to see Santa may not have been a success this year, but decorating Ellington's very own Christmas tree at Mommo's house was a HUGE success!
She very patiently and carefully put each ornament on the tree and even gave the angel her own purse to carry.  What girl doesn't need a good purse?  Even an angel. :)
We also took a nice walk with Mommo.  The weather wasn't really cold enough for Ellington's faux fur coat, but she insisted on wearing it and it does look awfully cute on her.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!