A Very Merry Christmas Eve

We started our Christmas Eve with a visit to John's parents' store.  Harabujee asked if Ellington wanted any candy and she decided that meant that she could go on a candy shopping-spree.  Don't worry.  She didn't keep all of it... I think we maybe just let her have a few m&ms when all was said and done.
Next, it was off to Mommo's house to spend time with my side of the family.  Ellington loved opening gifts this year and even 'helped' open a few gifts that weren't hers.
One of her favorite parts about the day, was handing gifts off to each person.  She really liked when Birdie (the dog) got a gift.  I think Birdie was trying to sleep, but Ellington kept waking her up with more gifts.
Ellington has really enjoyed her new plates and cups.  Each morning or evening or really just whenever she gets a chance, she'll offer me coffee or tea in her tiny cups.  It's a good thing they're tiny too because she will keep 'pouring' refills until we leave the house.
 This was one great Christmas Eve celebration and I know that Ellington really enjoyed all of the excitement this year!