A Little Snow Day

We had a surprise snow after a week of rain, so we ventured outside early Friday morning to experience the snow before it all melted away.  Ellington loved the snow and wanted to stay outside longer, but I was freezing and I had not had my coffee yet... Me without coffee in the morning = one grumpy momma.  The snow in our yard actually stayed around for a while, so we got another chance to hangout outside and play with the snow a little later in the day.
By Saturday, almost all of the snow had melted away.  We still had a fulfilled weekend because Mommo (my mom) came to visit for the weekend.  A short visit to the museum to visit the animals, some projects around the house (it's always easier to get things done when Mommo is here to entertain Elli), great food, and our first trip to the Nasher Museum at Duke to see the Cone Sisters' Exhibit filled our time.
A funny little side note about our weekend activities:  While looking at all of the artwork collected by the Cone Sisters, we entered a room filled with pieces by Matisse where the subjects were nude.  Ellington's reaction, "No jacket on".  She was partially asking why they weren't wearing clothes and partially stating that we should all go without clothes.  She is going through a phase right now where she never wants to wear clothes... At least we hope it's a phase. :)