Deck the Halls... er Blog

Sadly, we will not be decorating our house for Christmas this year.  We have a very good excuse though.  We are closing on our new house on the 21st and all moved in by the 27th.  This is going to be one crazy holiday season for us!

So instead of a fresh smelling douglas fur or neatly hung stockings by the fireplace, we will be surrounded by cardboard boxes and lots of work to be done this year.  I'm not even sure that I will get my act together in time for a Christmas card photoshoot.  :-/

I hope y'all are well on your way to bringing Christmas joy to your homes or Hanukah joy or whatever holiday you celebrate during this season.  This year, my blog will have to be my creative outlet to break the Christmas spirit out of these packing boxes.  I might just have to overdose on Christmas decor next year to make up for it... watch out new neighbors. :)