A Disney Princess

another low-quality iPhone photo, but she sure looks cute :)
Last night, we went to Disney on Ice and Ellington had a blast!  The only character that she really knows is Minnie Mouse because one of her friends has a slight obsession with Minnie.  Still, we knew she would have plenty of fun.  Why?  Well, this little girl loves (and I mean LOVES) music!  She had never heard any of the songs, but she was clapping and bouncing just like everyone else in the arena.

It was a 2 hour show and had me a little worried, but Ellington sat still and stared in awe at the lights and the brightly dressed skaters.  We might have to get seats a little closer to the action next time because she became very fidgety and upset whenever somebody stood up or got in her way.  She really wanted to stand in the aisle and dance to the music by herself, but the aisle consisted of a bunch of stairs so this was not a possibility.

It was also John's first experience with the little girl / Disney princess obsession that one of our little ones is sure to have.  As soon as we walked into the princess filled arena with giddy girlies dressed like their favorite princess begging their parents for sparkly souvenirs, John said "So this is what I'm in for".  I don't ever remember being obsessed with Disney princesses (I was more of a He-Man & GI Joe kind of girl), but John will have to get used to all of this girlie stuff with 2 little girls of his own. :)  Hopefully, one of our girls will be a tom-boy like I was to balance out the household.  Plus - I love little girlie things, but I don't think I could stand that much pink in my house.