A Dream Home Revised

Since moving to Durham 2 years ago, I have been on the hunt for a permanent home to buy.  We didn't want to buy anything until we sold our condo and John was sure that he would stay at Duke after his fellowship ended.

Well, that day has finally come.  We officially sold our Alabama condo in October and John is very confident that Duke is where he wants to continue his research career.  AND I am happy to announce that we have purchased a home in Durham and we will be moving in December.

Before letting you know what we have chosen, let me first go over how we came to this decision.

You see, John and I have very different tastes in homes.  He likes brand new everything and I am in love with hundred year old homes with a little history.  While John's home preferences have changed over the years, mine have changed - a lot.  I still like hundred year old homes, but having kids has really changed my views on many things I thought I wanted.

Like many people (I think), I have always wanted a home that somewhat resembled the home where I grew up.  In my case, this included a large backyard with no backyard neighbors - a basement - 3 stories - hardwood floors - no garage - just to name a few.  And then I had a kid... and the option of a single story home became very very appealing!  Many things in my dream home stayed the same, but a few things were quickly revised.  Large Backyard?  No thank you - who has time to cut the grass when your daughter refuses to nap?!  No Garage?  Ummm, I still don't love the look of a garage, but where are you suppose to store all of your outdoor stuff without one?

With revisions in place, I found a one story house that I loved.  Unfortunately, it needed a lot of remodeling.  I am always up for a redesign project, but timing could not have been worse.  A toddler + a new baby + a busy daddy = a momma who would not complete another house project in the near future.

I gave up on my dream of an older home and embraced the idea of a brand new - project free - home that John would love.  In the end, I am very happy with our choice.  An older home and many remodeling projects can always come later when the kids are older.  This is my dream home for now. :)
Has your idea of a dream home been revised as you have moved on to different phases of your life?