Our Hotel in Bath

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel in Bath with classic English touches that made me feel like we were staying in a quaint bed & breakfast, but with all of the amenities of any large hotel.

Our room was very cozy and conveniently located right above the reception site.  This was perfect for this pregnant lady since the reception was all of 8 hours long.  During the wedding reception, I slipped away to our room several times to rest a bit, but I could still hear and view the celebrations by opening the window. :)
 One of my favorite little details of the hotel was the option to borrow some boots to go roaming around the grounds of the hotel.
 We didn't do much roaming around, but what we did see was gorgeous.  Their gardner must be one busy guy (or girl).
 If you ever happen to find yourself in Bath and need a place to stay, I highly recommend the Homewood Park Hotel & Spa.