Gettin' Lazy

A few weekends ago, while we were in town for our little gender reveal celebration, we decided to take a little trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch.  If you have never been, make the trip soon!  It is so much fun!  You have the option to ride on the wagon or drive your own car through the ranch... ride on the wagon!  You will thank me later (or rather, your car will thank me later).
 Our first stop was to see the adorable baby giraffes right near the wagon rides.  They really were the cutest things ever.

Ellington was great on the wagon ride and showed no fear of all of the animals.  Although, she was more interested in grabbing handfuls of food to throw on the ground and less interested in feeding the actual animals.
 The baby pigs were a close second to the baby giraffes for the cutest animal at the ranch.  Oh, and the ostrich was not so friendly... just look at those eyes.
Ellington had lots of fun watching the animals and throwing food on the ground, but I think her favorite part was hanging out with her aunties and grandma. 
 We ended our visit by walking around the rest of the ranch and say hello to all of the animals.  I think Ellington's favorite was this ram (hiding behind the fence post).  Does this mean she prefers Carolina over Duke?  :)
We also had a chance to visit the pumpkin patch close by... unfortunately my camera battery died, so I think my sister has all of these pictures on her camera.  AND we got to see the lovely little pumpkins that my mom grew in her backyard.  She just threw out last year's pumpkins and they grew into 4 nice sized pumpkins for this year.  There's nothing better than a free pumpkin right in time for Halloween. :)