Fall Update in Photos

We made a last minute trip to Raleigh for the Bugfest in September.  You heard that right.  It was a festival to celebrate BUGS.
 Local restaurants in Raleigh made gourmet pizza, asian slaw, and even ice cream... all with worms or grasshoppers mixed in somehow.  I did not partake in the tasting of these creations.  I cannot say the same for Ellington.
 She ate every last chocolate covered grasshopper on the plate. YUCK!  It may have had something to do with the fact that the grasshoppers were covered in chocolate or maybe she is already an adventurous eater. :)
By far, her favorite activity was watching the musicians preform.  This little lady loves music!
 After the festival, we went back to Corey's house (my little sister's boyfriend) to hangout and eat dinner.  Of course, Ellington was just thrilled that Aunt CC's dog was there to play with her.  Ellington even had some fun with a stick on mustache that she found inside.  After this picture was taken, she spent several minutes trying to make the poor dogs wear the mustache.  Unfortunately, I did not capture this on camera.
 She had even more fun playing inside a big box tent.  At different point during the afternoon the box was a hiding spot, a tent, a reading nook, a house, a slide, and even a trampoline.  She's got quite the imagination.
 In October, we went to a new Korean restaurant to celebrate our Birmingham condo being SOLD!  Ellington got very messy eating her Korean spaghetti (I'm not sure what it is actually called in Korean).
 Also in October, we went to the Duck Festival.  We went last year and Ellington loved all of the animals they had on display.  This year, she was not the least bit impressed by any of the animals.
 She spent most of her time at the coloring wall.  It was really hard to get her to leave this wall.
Before she left, she tried to clean up all of the crayons by putting every single one away.  She wasn't satisfied with the crayons dumped into the big box, so she tried to put them each back in the smaller crayon boxes.  Why isn't she this particular with her toys at home?

Fall has had a great start!