England, Part 1 of 20?

WARNING:  I have now declared October to be the month of England posts on the ol' blog.  I have lots to update and could not condense a 10 day trip into anything less than a month's worth of posts.  So, if you have no interest in our trip to England, then check back for non-England related posts to return in November.

Our first day was a rough one.  Partly because it was the first time we were traveling without Ellington and partly because Day 1 was all about getting there.

The day started with a trip to the airport.  My mom drove us and we said goodbye to little E at the car... unexpectedly, I started crying my eyes out.  I continued to cry through check-in and the security check. At this point, my husband thought I had lost my mind.  We were leaving Ellington in good hands and we had talked about how stressful it would have been to try to take an 18 month old with us to England, so I knew that my feelings of wanting to bring her with us were purely emotional.  I am sure that every mother goes through this at some point.

We stopped by the frequent flyer's lounge before our flight and it was pure heaven!  The silence, the food and drinks, the silence...  if I flew a lot, this would definitely be worth the yearly fee.

The flight was not that bad.  Typical airliner with okay food and cramped legroom, but I did enjoy the chance to catch up on a few movies that I had missed.  The trouble started with a mild headache that turned into a migraine and somehow I had not come prepared with my usual stash of emergency Tylenol.  The flight attendant offered aspirin, but I'm pregnant and aspirin is not an option.  He then offered a little tomato juice to help, which was super sweet, but didn't quite do the trick.
Needless to say, I was more than a little upset with the hubby when we landed in Germany and heard the following words come out of his mouth "We could have been in London 2 hours ago, but I really wanted to fly Lufthansa."  Ummm, What?!  Not a great thing to say to a pregnant lady with a migraine!

After finally getting meds in Germany and catching our next flight to London, things started to look up.  The cooler weather was a welcomed change to the heat and humidity back in the US.  A train ride and a nap later, we met up with our gracious hosts in London to end the day with a meal in an amazing local pub.

Check back in for more London posts later this week!