Baby Yi # 2

We just had a gender reveal for our family and are happy to announce that our new little one (due in February) is another girl!

I could have sworn that it was a boy until a few days before my ultrasound... I mentioned to John that I was pretty sure it was a girl because I have not gained as much weight as I did with Ellington and a boy just wouldn't be that nice to his momma.  Hahaha.  Looks like my second prediction was right.  :)

All of John's family thought that we would be having a boy and all of my family, with the exception of my older sister, thought that Baby Yi #2 would be a girl.  As my Aunt Shelia reminded me, my Papa always said 'We know what to do with girls!'

We cannot wait to meet this little girl and watch her bond with her older sister!  After all, sisters really are the best - I know I love my two sisters. :)