All Aboard - Taking a Train to Bath

After a long day at the Olympics and very tired feet, I was looking forward to the long (and quiet) train ride to Bath.  Before getting on the train, I spotted a deliciously unhealthy American favorite... Krispy Kreme!
 Unfortunately, the taste did not satisfy my craving.  There was no 'HOT' sign and no fresh doughnuts waiting to be glazed.  Just who-knows-how-many-days-old, stale doughnuts.  Whomp whomp. :(

To add to my disappointment of the morning, I found out that we were sitting at a table in the train with two other people.  There goes my nice relaxing and quiet train ride.  Usually, I am not so pessimistic about talking to locals while traveling, but I was tired and just wanted to rest.
After boarding and making small talk with our train neighbors, I forgot all about my bad mood and began to get a little disappointed that our conversation with new friends would end so soon.  The people who sat with us were so pleasant and full of pride for their country.  They were a father and adult son who had traveled from their home near Bath to attend the Olympics.

We discussed how great each of our experiences were at the Olympics and how the people of England had really embraced the Olympic spirit.  Everyone was just so darn nice and helpful!  Along the way, both gentleman kindly pointed out historic landmarks and told stories of their own history to us clueless tourists.

When they found out that John was a scientist, the son pointed out that his dad was in the science museum in London for engineering.  So, I guess we kind of met someone famous.  :)  I loved meeting our new friends and was pleasantly surprised that the long train ride sitting with two strangers was, well, so pleasant!

So, the lesson of the day:  Talk to people!  You never know who you'll meet or how interesting the conversation can turn out.