A Wedding in Bath

The wedding was gorgeous and the cute little village church was the perfect ceremony site for this lovely couple.  It was held in a very old church in Bath.
There were so many details to the church that I just wasn't able to accurately photograph, but the archway leading into the church courtyard was one of my favorite details.
I also loved that they chose to have people throw flower peddles for their little getaway from the church.  It was such a fun moment in the celebration.
Looking back at all of the photos from the wedding, this seems to be my pose for the day.  I was in that I-feel-more-fat-than-pregnant stage and I was trying to showing off my belly, so people didn't think that I just overindulged on delicious food during our trip. :)  We all have these silly moments, right?
John made so much fun of me because I kept stopping to take pictures of these adorable garden doors.  It was just so pretty to see a pop of color amongst all of the old stone walls and buildings.
The happy couple's getaway car was a perfect fit for this traditional English wedding.
The cocktail hour was held right outside our hotel, which was nice since the cocktail hour actually lasted FOUR hours.  Apparently, this is the norm for English weddings... You drink for 4 hours after the wedding ceremony and then proceed to the reception to eat dinner and drink some more.  **Sorry to the woman who I caught bending over.  I couldn't find another shot of the cocktail hour, so I had to use this one.**
The reception venue was a large tent set up in the hotel garden and it was lovely during the day and night.... The wedding was probably around 10 hours from start to finish.  I made it through unscathed (probably due to the fact that I couldn't drink any alcohol), but many people had to retire early.
Can you imagine a wedding in the US lasting this long?  Most of the reception time was taken up by dinner and speeches.  The speeches were incredibly funny and entertaining!  I think John has already written half of his speech for Ellington's wedding already.  I reminded her that she was only one and might even be one of those women who just chooses not to get married in the future, but he is determined to give his speech at some major event in her life.  I'm not planning Ellington's wedding just yet, but I do see lots of parental embarrassment in her future.