A Place to Play - European Style

The entire time that we were traveling in England we kept saying, "I am so glad that we didn't bring Ellington!".  Well, this is the one point during the trip that I wish we had brought the little lady.
While touring Bath, we came across this amazing playground.  It was enormous and it had everything from a mini carousel (which included double decker buses to ride) to a zip line.  I could imagine spending entire days at this park without getting tired of anything.
If you are ever in Bath with your kids, I highly recommend going to check out this playground.  It is at the edge of Royal Victoria Park.

Side Note:  Royal Victoria Park was formed to honor a then Princess Victoria in 1830.  Queen Victoria was only 11 and traveled to Bath for the grand opening of the park.  The next day, a local paper reporting on the grand opening decided to judge the Princess' outfit - insulting her clothing choice.  She was just an 11 year old little girl (who probably didn't even have a choice of which outfit she was allowed to wear).  That very day, Victoria decided that she would never go back to Bath again... and she didn't.  Many many years later, when the Queen's train had to stop in Bath, she had the shades drawn so that nobody in Bath could even spot her through the window.  This woman could really hold a grudge!