A Mini-Tour of London, Part 2

For our second day to tour London, we were joined by our newly married friends - Kat and Rob.
This was the Olympic mascot... a little strange.  Why can't the Olympic committee ever just have a normal mascot, like a teddy bear or something?
Here we are on the Millennium Bridge, which originally opened in 2000.  Unfortunately, it was closed down again just 3 days later because it was a bit wobbly and it did not open again until 2002.
We also made a little visit to the Tower of London.  Tons of history and little stories that I could write about for pages, but I won't bore you with the boring history details.  I'll just give a few facts that I found interesting.
There was no photography allowed while viewing the Crown Jewels, so I don't have any pretty pictures of diamonds to show off.  I did find it a little funny that they put you on a conveyor belt to pass through the exhibit.  It was a little funny, but very smart because nobody could stop and linger = no long waits or big crowds in front of the jewels.
The Tower of London is not only where they house the Crown Jewels, but it's also where King Henry VIII beheaded his wife, Anne Boleyn.   A glass sculpture now stands where many beheadings took place within the tower walls.

Another interesting fact is that there are 6 ravens that live at the Tower of London.  It is said that King Charles II disliked the ravens and ordered them to be removed, but was told that killing the ravens would cause the Tower to fall and the King to loose his kingdom.  The King said that he didn't believe that superstition, but then ordered 6 ravens to be kept on the Tower grounds at all times (with one backup raven just in case).  :)