A Mini-Tour of London, Part 1

We had planned to take a bus tour of London, but the weather was so nice that we decided to walk to the first few landmarks and then hop on the bus for the rest of the tour.  Well, that turned into walking the entire length of the tour (all over the city), but it didn't feel like we did that much walking after the amount of walking we did at the Olympics.
Although we missed the changing of the guards, we did walk around the palace and watch the 2 guards right outside the palace gates.  What a place to live!
We also did a bit of walking around the touristy landmarks of London (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The Eye of London, and Hyde Park).  John and I have both been to London before and seen most of these sites, so this was more of a quick passing / photo op type of tour for us.  
Around lunch time, we found ourselves in the middle of Chinatown (which was really like Asian-town), so we found a small Korean restaurant and had a nice Korean meal.  As always, I had to try the tonkatsu... it's my go to Korean dish.
When walking out of Chinatown, we ran into a huge crowd of people.  We had no idea what was going on (like most of the other people around us), so we just stood there for a while trying to figure out why everyone was gathered around taking pictures.  Eventually, we figured out that it was a red carpet movie premiere for the Expendables 2.  John even got a picture of a famous person (top right).  What?! You can't tell who that is?
It was Sylvester Stallone or at least the back of his head. :)  How random was that?!
 We ended our walking tour at the science museum and a walk home through Hyde Park.  Of course, John just had to see the science museum.  :)