Beach Baby, Part 2

Somehow my post about our 2nd day at the beach never got posted way back in June... whoops.  Our first day (found here) was so much fun!  Today, I'm dreaming about the warm sun and cool breeze near the ocean along with the incredible 3-HOUR naps that Ellington took on the beach.  I cannot wait until next year!  Ellington will have her own new baby brother or sister plus 2 new friends to play with instead of just us adults. :)
Day 2 on the beach was even more fun than day 1.  Ellington practically acted like she owned the beach and was super comfortable with the sand.
She even found a little seashell on the beach and washed it in the ocean over and over again.  She would have spent the entire day washing her seashell if it weren't for...
those pesky waves.  She was so surprised and a little annoyed each time a wave grazed her back.
We brought a small sand bucket and a few sand toys that Ellington got for her first birthday, but Ellington spotted a family with a whole bag filled with sand toys and admired them from a distance.  She sweetly watched the neighbor kids play and I tried explaining to her that she would have some friends to play with next year.
We had lots of fun, but all of the adults ended up a little sunburned.  We need to treat our skin more like Ellington and reapply the sunblock more often. :) 

I cannot wait until next year's beach trip!!