Leather & Crystal

No, I'm not redecorating or incorporating leather and crystal into my wardrobe.  Those two items are the traditional and modern day 3 year anniversary gifts.  That's right, John and I have now been married for 3 years.  Really?  It feels like way longer... not in a bad way.  We started dating in 2001, so maybe we should just think of this as our 11 year anniversary.

I could not have ever guessed that this is where we would be at 3 years past our wedding day.  For some reason, I still feel like we are fresh out of high school and playing 'house'.  Anybody else still feel like they just graduated high school or is it just me?  In reality, my high school class will actually be having our 10 year high school reunion later this year!  What?!

Anywho, back to our anniversary.  John took over the planning, so our night consisted of dinner and a trip to the batting cages.  Not the romantic getaway that some prefer, but it was just right for my taste.  We left Ellington with Aunt Esther, so we enjoyed our first baby-free dinner since... maybe this time last year?  We also decided against gift giving this year.  Instead, we will be putting our anniversary funds towards our trip to England in August.  I cannot wait!

In 3 years we have moved to Alabama, moved back to NC, John earned his PhD, and I had a baby, plus we celebrated that baby's 1st birthday.  Yeah, we don't like to do things slow in the Yi household.  I'll leave you with my favorite picture from June 20, 2009 because this is a wedding anniversary post after all. :)