A day at the Museum... Just not OUR Museum :)

This past weekend, my mom came up from Charlotte to spend a little time with Elli.  Instead of running off to our museum, we decided to try Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh.  It's been a long weekend / week beginning with tons of activities / visitors / and a few sleepless baby nights, so enjoy the pictures with minimal chattiness so I can possibly sneak a nap in today. :)
Ellington has tons of fun playing in the water area!
Unfortunately, all of the water fun lead to a baby drenched from head to toe... Good thing I remembered to bring a 'just in case' change of clothes for the little monkey.
There was also a garden area at the museum.  Sitting on this neat little wooden animal was the only part of the garden that Ellington enjoyed.
Looks like my little one will not be a nature girl anytime soon (which is perfectly fine with me).  You should have seen her navigating the pathway through the garden like she was fighting through a sea of spiderwebs.  It was definitely not the highlight of her visit.
While I might not have a nature girl on my hands, it looks like I might have a future daredevil.  The museum has this very neat wire basket thing hanging off of the second level and looking onto the activities of the first level.  Very cool, but very scary... well for me anyways.  Ellington loved it and showed no fear at all!
Surfs Up!  Maybe a future surfer too?
Or a future hockey player?
By far, Ellington's favorite part of our visit was building with the oversized legos.  She could have spent hours building her castle and then knocking it down again.  Christmas is a little far away, but I think I know what Santa will be getting this little architect come December. :)
Lots of fun and lots of laughs, but now it's time for a nice long nap!  Enjoy your Tuesday afternoon and maybe sneak in a nap if you are able.