Thrifty Finds

My amazingly thrifty sister, Carney, is a pro at spotting a good deal at the flea market.  Seriously.  She is the one who spotted these lovely little drapes and convinced me that I needed them for my dining room.  She bought a pair and then after walking around and thinking about it for 20 minutes, I went back to the booth and bought up the remaining pair.  I think they were $15 for the pair?  Incredible deal.

She even went back a while later and snatched up 2 more fabulous finds, a chair and a coffee table.  For $5 and $15, I think.  I don't remember which one cost which, but at either price these were very VERY good finds.
Carney's thrifted chair that is currently living in my dining room corner :)
Lucky for me, Carney has been hiding storing some of her thrifty finds at my house because her roomie told her that she is not aloud to bring any more furniture into their apartment (unless she is willing to get rid of something first).  You see, their apartment is pretty large, but Carney has filled it to the max with thrift finds like these.  Saving Money on Flea Market Treasures = Fantastic.  Bringing home so much stuff that your roommate demands that you stop = you might have an addiction to finding a good deal.  Not all bad.

We have really enjoyed this mid-century modern coffee table... until Ellington discovered that she can climb on top of it to dance and give her mother a heart attack in the process.  So this guy has been living in the rarely used playroom (the living room is our main playroom).  He is occasionally used as a - cover your ears eyes Carney - baby gate of sorts on the back deck.  This is how we discovered the marking on the bottom of the table.

After a little internet searching, I discovered that this coffee table is actually a Dovetail Cocktail Table made by The Lane Company out of Virginia and considered to be the Americanized version of Danish Modern design.  This piece is from their very popular 'Acclaim' Collection designed by Andre Bus and introduced in 1959.  I think a "They just don't make 'em like they use to" is in order here... I cannot think of one piece of my recently purchased furniture that will last 50+ years!  Although this table needs some major refinishing, you can still see the beautiful solid oak and the rich walnut veneer.  Swoon.

Update:  After looking on etsy to see what this table might be worth, people are actually selling this exact (refinished) table for anywhere from $295 - $400!  Not a bad purchase ($15?), Carney.  Now, get out there and find me some more Flea Market Treasures!

Anybody else have a thrifty find that turned out to hold a little bit of history?  Do share.