Summer Wardrobe Inspiration 2012

We are taking our 2nd annual beach trip with 2 lovely couples in a few weeks and it has gotten me itching to buy a new vacation wardrobe.  I don't really need anything new (just donated a couple bags full of old clothes), but I love this little excuse to go shopping.  Even if it turns out to be just window shopping.

After searching Pinterest for some inspiration, I came up with some (very) loose guidelines for my window shopping.  Over the years I have found that if I pick a particular item to search for, I lose sight of why I like the item and just look for an exact replica... normally spending way too much money for a trendy dress that just doesn't fit my style or body.  So here are my summer wardrobe guidelines:
1. Mint:  I am loving all of the mint colored clothes and accessories pinned to many inspiration boards on Pinterest these days.  A few of my favorite include this, this, this, and this.
2. Stripes:  Chevron would be lovely, but I will be focusing more on simply getting some stripes in my closet.  How do I not already own something with stripes?  Like this, this, this, and this.
3.  White:  After ruining my favorite jeans and ripping a hole in my favorite white skirt, I am in desperate need of some summer white pieces.  I have decided to try and find nice white shorts and trendy white tops as well as a few simple white tees.  Like this, this, and this.
4. Denim:  Also in desperate need of some new jean shorts!  And I know I am a little late to the party, but I really really want some cute colored jeans for the summer.  Maybe even a denim button up to go over a cute summer dress?  Loving this and this.
5. Color-Blocking:  This one might just be a trendy dream of mine, but I might try to hop on board the color blocking train.  I'll have to see how this trend looks on me...  Could this, this, or this work?

I still have a few other -more specific- ideas that I am playing around with for my summer look.  Like rope belts, flowy / sheer tops, razorback tanks, one-shoulder dresses, and floral prints.  How do you find inspiration for your summer wardrobe?  Do you like to buy new clothes for vacation too  (even if you technically already have everything you need hanging in your closet)?

Happy Shopping!