Rainy Day Car Wash

The weather here in Durham has been HOT, so we are welcoming the little bit of rain that we have had this week.  Love the rain!  Not such a big fan of keeping kids indoors all day.

While trying to entertain a kiddo on a rainy day, I got a little creative with cars.  The best part: cleaning up is the fun part of this activity!

Step 1:  Gather the supplies.
    *Toy Cars
    *One Container of Soapy Water
    *One Container of Plain Water
    *Towel for Drying Clean Cars
Step 2:  Paint the wheels of toy cars.
Step 3:  Drive car all over the paper to 'paint'.
Step 4:  Wash the dirty cars.
Step 5:  Dry car wheels.

Step 6:  Hang new artwork on the fridge or Repeat steps 2-5.  :)

This was so easy and can entertain kids for an hour or more if you're lucky.  What's not to love about cars, dirt, and playing with water?