Mother's Day 2012

This year, I got my Mother's Day gift a little early so I could finish a few projects around the house...
...that's right.  I got a new Ryobi Power Tool Set!!  I am beyond thrilled with this new purchase.  Although I might not give off the I'm-a-handywoman vibe, I am definitely the DIY fixer around the house.  While I would rather figure out how to fix something or build something myself, John would rather call a professional to get the job done.  Thank goodness he has the patience for my DIY mentality!

I have already started a few projects around the house and I'll give updates soon.  I've also decided that my next power tool will be a sander- just a little info for anyone who wants to buy me a gift. :)

My brand new set of power tools was enough for me, but then my hubby surprised me with this great new coffee mug (which will be getting lots of use!).
Hope everyone had a very happy Mother's Day!  & a special shout out to my mom, grandmother, and mother-in-law.  Happy Mother's Day!  Oh yeah, let's not forget the mothers of Ellington's favorite furry friends - Aunt Karl and Aunt Carney!