a morning in my life

I loved the day-in-the-life post that Jessi at Naptime Diaries wrote yesterday and I always love when other bloggers write about their daily routines, but my life doesn't seem to run as smoothly as these other blogger women.  This was how my Tuesday morning went...
7 am
John usually wakes Ellington up and brings her to our bed and I unsuccessfully try to convince her to go back to sleep for 30 more minutes, but last night was a rough one and I woke up around 8 with her already snuggling in my bed.

8:30 am
We say bye-bye to Daddy and send him off to work while I still try to convince Ellington to go back to sleep.  She has finally had enough and slides herself off of our bed.  I then realize that the door (leading straight from our bedroom to the stairs) is wide open, so I am forced to leave the comfort of the bed to race a toddler to the door.  I win this time and shut the door which causes a 1 year old to look around the room for her next dangerous task.  Off to the bathroom she runs to turn the tub water on full blast and inevitably spill water all over the bathroom floor.

9 am
Finally, we make it downstairs and I start the coffee and make breakfast for us both.  An inpatient toddler tugs at my feet, so I hand her a cup of cheerios to keep her busy while I finish cooking our eggs.
9:10 am
Our breakfast is ready.  While Ellington begins to devour her mountain of eggs, I have a moment to catch up on a few morning blogs and lose myself in this day-in-the-life post by an old coworker.

9:30 am
Interruptions are a constant in this new life with a toddler, so my blog reading has moved to the sofa while Ellington drinks her milk and finishes cheerios on her aqua doodle mat.  The little lady has noticed that she is not the center of my attention and I feel guilty, so I begin to get up and play with her before nap time.

9:32 am
On my way up off the sofa, I catch the rim of my full coffee cup and half of it spills all over me and down the back of the sofa.  Ellington is thrilled with all of the excitement and giggles at the sight of me running around to collect paper towels.  As I'm furiously soaking up the coffee off of the white carpet, I notice no toddler noises = Ellington is getting into trouble somewhere.  I run up and down the stairs trying to find my little escape artist.  In a panic I call out her name and she excitedly pops out of the powder room with a big smile on her face.  Apparently we were playing a game of hide-and-go-seek, but somebody forgot to inform me.

9:50 am
After carrying a kicking 1 year old back into the living room I notice half of her milk has spilled all over the aqua doodle mat and the cheerios have been dumped out nearby... Executive decision - it is time for an early naptime.

10:43 am 
Ellington is still talking to herself and randomly yelling out 'Hey' and 'Omma' (mom in Korean) while in her crib.  I've cleaned up most of the mess from the morning and now it's time to refill my coffee cup and carefully drink it while watching a few morning shows and catching up on some design work.


I'll get maybe an hour to myself before Ellington is ready to get up from her nap and the chaos starts all over again.  It's been a crazy morning, but I wouldn't trade these morning messes for anything.