Just a Small Attic Sale, a Birthday, & a Baby Shower

This weekend was crazy busy and I am still exhausted from Saturday's little attic sale at my mom's house. After 40+ years of junk accumulating in the attic (and most of it really was junk) and many former attempts to purge the collections, my mom finally decided that it was just time to get rid of it all.  So all of us girls unloaded the contents of the attic to the front lawn and had ourselves a little attic sale.
Some of the goodies included about 70 old bottles of Coca-Cola, at least a hundred books / magazines / cookbooks, cassette tapes (including Hanson... it's alright if you're a little jealous), 2 8-track tapes, and 6 old dented storage trunks. The weather was perfect and we sold lots of stuff.  Unfortunately, we had lots of stuff junk still leftover at the end of the attic sale.
Carney sent out a Craigslist add for free curbside junk and within minutes people started showing up to haul it away.  We didn't even have to carry most of it to the curb.  People just showed up and carried the junk straight to their cars.
On Sunday morning, this was all that was left of the attic sale rejects - a cardboard box and a coat hanger. It was absolutely crazy how fast the Craigslist people came and collected all of the leftover junk!
In addition to the attic sale, we were also in Charlotte to celebrate Halmoni's birthday.  We started the celebration off with with great Italian food from Buca di Beppo.  We had lots of leftover that I didn't mind bringing home to finish off.  Then, we finished with ice cream cake & it was straight to bed from there.

Sunday was a bit less productive and hectic, but we still had to make it back in Durham in time for the surprise baby shower of one of my favorite photographers, Melissa of Haven Love Photography.  It was the perfect baby shower (thrown by one of Melissa's dear friends and subject of her latest photography session) with yummy desserts from Foster's Market and lots of friends.
I even got to design the above baby shower game and actually won a prize for getting the most answers correct.  Sadly, I did not win the prize for the nursery rhyme game above... it was for a game involving matching celebrities to their chosen baby names.  Sigh. Maybe I need to cut back on TMZ and gossip magazines.
Almost forgot to mention this amazing rainbow circling the sun that appeared during the attic sale.  Absolutely gorgeous!  All in all, it was a very exhausting - productive - family filled weekend.