A day at the Museum, Again

The museum is definitely our favorite place to visit in Durham!  Lots of activities and wide open spaces for the kiddos to explore (and hopefully get tired enough to take a 3 hour nap). Almost all of the exhibits are little kid friendly.  We especially love the indoor play area and the outdoor playground that has all sorts of fun drums to make little kids who love big noises happy.  They even have a water area, but it's more of a big kid thing.
Oh and the animals, we LOVE all of the animals.  They have bears, and wolves, and lemurs.  Owls, cows, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and even a donkey.  There is a butterfly house and a dinosaur dig too.  Ellington is not quite into the dinosaur dig because she is not a huge fan of sand, yet.

We just love it all!  With John gone all week for a science conference, I anticipate many mornings spent at the museum with the bears and lemurs - Ellington's favorite.

The museum took up most of our day yesterday, so we decided to meet a friend at a strawberry festival this morning.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but we needed a little time out of the house before the rain came through anyway.  I didn't snap any pictures at the actual festival, but I did find this interesting sign outside of a school near where we parked...
Hmmm. Not so sure that this was the best way to relay their message to parents.  It does get the point across though - short, but not so sweet.

Almost forgot.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!