A Walk in the Park

If you have a toddler who needs to burn off some energy and two parents who need some fresh air, then I would highly recommend taking a little stroll through West Point on the Eno Park.  There are some great places for little photoshoots and tons of space for little ones to run around or explore.
We didn't even cover 1/8th of the park, but we still had a great time.  Ellington loved the bridge!  It took her about 20 minutes to cross because she kept stopping to look at the water below and greet others who were crossing the bridge.
Once we finally got over the bridge, Ellington decided that she need a little rest. Which of course led to...
Finding things on the ground.  Ooooo!  It's a rock. It's a leaf.  No, it's...
 Pollen?!  Take a closer look.  Yuck!  It's everywhere around here.
Oh, you silly girl.
It took a little encouraging to get her to turn around and go back across the bridge, but we made it.
 It's hard to contain a little ball of energy like this girl, so she didn't stay in my arms for very long.
Apparently, Ellington no longer wants to participate in my photoshoots because this is the only good shot I got of her on the wood wall. :(  Does sassiness really start this early?
 John and I both tried to get her to look at the camera and smile, but this is the best she gave us.  Still equals cuteness in my book! :)
Then, we told her it was time to go home... she stopped for a second and turned right back around to run away.  Unfortunately for her, I am much faster than she is.  I guess this means that we will have to go back to the park real soon.