A Day at the Museum

We spent Saturday morning with Grandma Wade at the Museum of Life & Science here in Durham.  It was packed because of a robot exhibit, so we had to park far away and ride a bus to the museum (which Ellington loved so much that she almost didn't want to get off).  This year, we bought a museum membership - which I highly recommend - and we just might be taking a few too many trips to the museum... seriously.  On our way inside, one of the animal trainers rode past in his golf cart and said "You're Back!".  He then sweetly informed us that there would be a neat bear training show later in the day.  Unfortunately, we couldn't stay to see the bear show, but we did try a few new things.
Ellington had lots of fun on the museum's natural playground.  One of her favorite parts of the playground was running back and forth through the tunnel.
She especially loved banging on the drums.  Why is it that all kids love making loud noises?  Hopefully, this doesn't mean that my daughter will be a future drummer... I better get ear plugs now.

There was one thing that we discovered she did not like at all.
The sandbox.  She tried to play like the other kids, but kept making that face and holding her hands up like they were dirty.  
Should I be concerned about OCD this early?  Hey, if this means no more cleaning up after her and fewer loads of laundry, I'll take it!  Probably not.  She's just not a sandbox girl... yet.