it's only Wednesday.

After a two sleepless nights for Ellington (which meant two sleepless nights for me as well), we headed to the doctor to figure out what was causing this sudden need to cry out in the middle of the night.
Does this look familiar?  Thankfully, we didn't have to take a trip to the hospital this time.  Just a little breathing treatment at the doctor's office and we were sent home with an inhaler for the next week or so.  Other than a healthy baby girl, I hope this also means a little girl who is back to sleeping through the night.  Fingers Crossed!

In my sleepy fogginess, I came up with this brilliant idea to take on a new project today.  Because that's what normal sane mommas do, right?  They decide to do manual labor instead of napping during their child's 1st extended period of sleep in the last two days... I must be delirious.

I am not quite finished, but here is a sneak peek of my newest creation:
Any guesses on what it could be?  Okay, maybe it's just a piece of wood right now.  I would be shocked and I will send you a custom print from my etsy shop if you can guess what I am creating. :)