Isn't that Print-eresting

Some of you may have already noticed the new addition to the right side of your screen and others may have seen a few new pins on the Kimchi & Sweet Tea pinterest board, but for those of you who are scratching your heads trying to figure this out...  I have opened an etsy shop!

I have always loved design and art and I recently got the itch to do something a little creative.  Since the hubby can't really stand my half-finished messy projects spread out on the dining room table, designing prints on the computer was the best option to get creative.

It all started with this print inspired by my previous employers and dear friends...
They are big Star Wars fans (they are going to be so disappointed if they ever read this, but I have still never seen the movies).  The first time I heard this phrase was while working for them on May 4th.  Now, I can't wait for May 4th to come around every year, so I can repeat this phrase to someone.  I know I'm a little nerdy, but I love it!
This print was inspired by a sweet friend who was having some difficulties with her pregnancy (nothing major) and she asked some friends to send prayers her way.  I created this to hang around the house to remind me to pray for her when I passed by it.  My intention was to create a little prayer reminder that was only known to me... like an anonymous prayer post-it note, but prettier.

And this print is my latest creation...
I have always loved this song (Somewhere Over the Rainbow), but this image popped in my head last night while singing my daughter to sleep and I just had to get in down on paper.  I was going for a vintage look.  What do you think?

So, do a little window shopping today and visit my Etsy Shop.  If you have any request / suggestions / critiques, I am eager to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Y'all!