Is Walmart the new Target?

So, I got an email today from Normally, I just click delete or send it to SPAM, but the dresses in the email actually looked kinda cute.  Am I crazy?  I am use to Walmart being the land of trailer park fashions and cheap halloween costumes.  Not cute clothes for a great price!

I am trying not to shop a lot this summer, but I was curious and decided to do a little window shopping and compare Walmart to (everyone's favorite big box store) Target.  I was very surprised by the cute stuff that Walmart has this summer and thrilled with the rock bottom prices.  Maybe my summer shopping ban will be lifted after all...

Walmart still has a long way to go to become the next Target, but I might be willing to sift through the fashions at Walmart to save a few bucks.  After all, why spend lots of money on something that will be out of fashion next year!?

Happy Shopping! & Enjoy this great weather before it gets too hot!