Hoppy Easter!

We had a quiet little Easter in Charlotte with family (including our new addition to the family - Uncle Rafe).  Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera, so we only got a few pictures before the battery gave out.

At first, Ellington's favorite part of her Easter basket were the bubbles.  She especially liked the carrot bottle that the bubbles came in, but she wasn't too fond of me being in control of the bubble blowing.
Being the independent little lady that she is, she just had to try it out for herself.
Ellington quickly moved on to her new favorite toy... the Aquadoodle!  When we finally got home on Sunday night, she spent at least an hour coloring and guarding the aquadoodle pen.  Seriously.  She wouldn't even let me touch the pen.  Apparently, I am not allowed to play with the aquadoodle... only Ellington and, on occasion, Daddy.
I wish I had gotten a few more pics of E on her easter egg hunt.  She filled her little basket (handmade by my mom) with eggs. Dumped the entire basket on the porch.  And then went back to the yard to search for more eggs. Such a cutie!