Ellington's 1st Birthday, Round 1

Ellington had a fantastic 1st birthday in Charlotte!  We finally got all the pictures back and are so grateful for all of you who came out to help celebrate the 1st year of our little girl's life.  We are also incredibly grateful for those of you that helped blow up 200 or so balloons and put this whole party together.
I thought we were in for a long (& cranky) night when Ellington refused to smile for her first round of birthday pics.  Fortunately, this did not set the mood for the night.  She must have known that this birthday celebration was serious business... she would be choosing her life's path later in the evening after all. :)
Can we just take a moment to be impressed by the incredible work my mom did on Ellington's Dol towers!  The bunny is my favorite.  It's just so stink'n cute.  Dol towers are a Korean tradition.  The bunny represents Ellington birth in the 'Year of the Rabbit', the Korean writing on the left says 'Happy Birthday', and the writing on the right is her Korean name - Yi JiMin.
After a mini-photoshoot, Ellington needed an apple and a little time with Grandmama & Grandma to recharge before the party started.
This photo is one of my favorites.  The guests were asked to show their love for Ellington by making heart shapes.  The adorable couple showing their love for E here is my sister-in-law and her boyfriend.  We had a mini-sermon, some singing, and a few speeches too.  I won't bore you with the details.
I'll just get straight to the good stuff... it was finally time for Ellington to choose her destiny.  Well, almost.  Elli changed into her Korean Hanbok and was given a gold coin (from my mom) and a gold ring (from Mrs. Yi).  She then turned around and tried to swallow the gold ring, so we had to put it away for obvious reasons.
She was so serious about 'choosing her destiny'.  I think that she knew how important this part of the party was to her Halmoni and Harabojee.  She had to choose between a ball of yarn (longevity), money (wealth), a microphone (entertainment), a pencil (education), a ball (sports), and a stethoscope (medicine). I thought she was definitely going to choose the money because she loves to play with paper, but she chose...
The microphone!  I secretly think that Mrs. Yi has been training her to choose the microphone because she wants Ellington to be the Korean Oprah.  Maybe she will be now that her destiny is to be in the entertainment business. :)

We ended the night with cake!  Delicious!  I think that Ellington was certainly impressed with her first taste of cake.  What a wonderful night!