Parks & Recreation, Pullen Park

Okay, who else is confused about this crazy weather?  70s last Saturday, SNOW on Sunday night, and today it's supposed to be 76!  I'm not complaining, but I am really confused.  Is it still winter or is it spring??

Anywho, we were thankful for the warm weather on Saturday and decided to make a little trip to Raleigh's Pullen Park.  It was so much fun and I see many more days at this park in our future.  It was also packed with people, so I would recommend getting there early to ride the rides and spending the rest of your day roaming the park.

The park is pretty big and absolutely gorgeous.  Aside from a great playground area with separate spaces for each age group, they have fun rides for $1 each.  Can't beat that price!  They have a kiddie boat ride, a carousel, a train that goes around the park, and even paddle boats in the lake.  Ellington was only patient enough to stand in one line, so we opted for the train ride.
We enjoyed the ride, but I think Ellington was just too tired to get giddy over her first train ride.
 Next time, we will definitely try out the carousel.  The lines were just too long to attempt two rides with a tired little one this time.
 After the train ride and a little picnic in the park, we met Aunt Carney and Ellington was re-energized.   I love this picture!  E is so cute in sunglasses... if only she would keep them on for more than 5 seconds.
 Birdie also joined us for a little walk around the park and maybe a few kicks of the soccer ball.

As always, Ellington's highlight of the day was seeing Birdie (she's a dog lover).  She was amazed by Birdie's long tongue and her 'necklace' (dog collar).  As soon as she recognized Birdie, she grab the leash and took off.  Birdie was a little unsure of the situation.  Fortunately, Birdie is great with kids and very patient and forgiving around Ellington.  If it weren't for all of the dog hair, we might have had to steal Birdie for a week or so.

All around it was a great day spent at the park!  And by packing our own picnic lunch, we only spent $2 (E rode the train for free) plus gas.  I love an inexpensive and fun-filled day. :)