Just a Little Trip to the ER

We had a little unexpected adventure yesterday that left us exhausted and very thankful for a happy and semi-healthy little girl.  Ellington has had this nasty cough for the past few days, so it was off to the doctor to get some medicine and probably a recommendation for rest and more fluids... so I thought.

Ten minutes into our visit I knew it wasn't just another cold.  The nurse checked her oxygen and said it was low.  What in the world does that mean???  Then the doctor came in to listen to her lungs, but decided that a lot of the gunk he heard was from her stuffy nose and ordered a breathing treatment to clear her up.
Ellington was a trooper at the doctor's office
She did surprisingly well with the mask and even held it on her face all by herself.  After the breathing treatment, the doctor could still hear gunky stuff in her lungs.  Fortunately, he thought it was just bronchitis (not pneumonia).  So, we get a prescription and are on our way home... right??  Nope.  They checked her oxygen again and it was still low (80%).  Another nurse came in to put her on oxygen and the doctor called the hospital to send an ambulance for transport.  They don't mess around when it comes to the health of little ones, so it was a must to go by ambulance so she could continue getting oxygen.
Hanging out in the ER
After a scary-for-me fun-for-E ride to the hospital, her oxygen intake was high enough to get rid of the oxygen tank.  They monitored her oxygen and sent her for a chest x-ray to totally rule out pneumonia, which they did indeed totally rule out.  John met us at the hospital with one of his doctor friends, which made me feel a lot better about everything.  It appears that our doctors were just being cautious (scary, but very thankful about this).  A few hours and a burst of energy later, we were sent home with an inhaler to help with Ellington's breathing during the rest of this nasty cough and a good story to tell her about her first trip to the ER.