How Much is that Doggie in the Window

My daughter has a tiny obsession with dogs.  Big dogs or little dogs and apparently is doesn't matter if they are real or made of porcelain.  We discovered over the holidays that Elli really (i mean REALLY) likes my mom's staffordshire porcelain dogs.  When no real dogs are in the house, Elli runs up to the fireplace (the porcelain dogs live on the mantel) and signs 'dog' while pointing up at the staffordshire dogs.  She is a very strong willed little girl and won't give up unless you let her pet the fake dogs.
Of course, once one dog is off of the mantel, you must then take down the other dog.  She doesn't like to play favorites.  We had a little fun and put one of the dogs on the back patio.
She looked at us like we were the crazy ones.  I'm just glad that she's an animal lover. :)