Happy Holiday - Cards!

I know that it is mid-January, but I just had to share some of my favorite holiday cards that we got this year.

First up is the amazingly-strangely-cute card that John's cousin sends out every year.  This card borders on the line of creative and cute.  I love her dogs (even though they are not big fans of Ellington), so my vote is for cute.
Second, and my favorite, a postcard that we got in the mail from Disney World!
An old classmate / coworker from John's graduate school days sent us this sweet note.  When I asked about the randomness of this card, John gave a response that made me almost shed tears of joy.  This particular friend is a student from China, who has been in the US for the past few years attending school and working through holidays for a not so friendly boss.  He had requested time off in the past to visit Disney, but was told 'no' every time.  Finally, he got the courage to leave that lab and join a lab with a nicer boss.  And this year he was granted his time off to visit Disney!  I am so happy for him!

Last up is a creepy Christmas photo of John's mom and Santa.  Talk about bad Santa impersonator.  I think that this Santa is probably in the top three of worst Santa pics ever.
Did you get any holiday cards that were creative / beautiful / or just plain creepy?  Sorry for the bad iPhone pics.