Still Recovering

We had a way too busy Thanksgiving weekend, but it was the good kind of busy where you don't want to go back home because hanging out with family is just so much more fun.

The festivities began with a not-so -tasty turkey lunch and the old folks home with my grandmother.  As always, Ellington was the star of the show and was eager to show everyone what a great walker she has become.
We managed to snap one decent photo of our little family with Grandmama before she demanded to get back on the floor and walk some more.
After the old folks home, we were off to John's parent's house to eat a semi-Korean Thanksgiving feast.  We had the camera set up on a tripod in the corner to record the entire event... Sadly, Harabujee didn't really know what he was doing.  He fiddled with the camera throughout dinner, so we assumed that he was taking a lot of great pictures.  We figured out that while he thought he was snapping photos, he was actually just turning the camera on and off over and over again.  Oh well.  We did get a good one of Ellington's first experience with turkey...
She just licked it and decided that she was a bigger fan of puffs and cheerios.
That was exhausting!  She fell asleep clutching her new hippo from Aunt Sheila. :) I hope everyone else has managed to recover from the activities of family fun.